Juliette Gray, Psy.D.

Juliette Gray, Psy. D
Pronouns she/her/hers
Job Title
Initial Access Specialist
Adler University
Professional Interests:
- Mood concerns
- Crisis intervention
- Women’s issues
- Life transitions
Approach to Therapy:
I believe that change and growth are possible for all who seek it. In this life, we experience a myriad of ups and downs that influence our well-being and sense of stability. It is my honor to work with students seeking services to connect them to the appropriate levels of care necessary to establish overall well-being. My goal is to establish a good working alliance, understand your needs, and connect you with the a provider and resources to address your concerns
Approach to Wellness:
I believe that wellness is a balance between work and play. I find balance in my life by seeking support from friends and family, making time for reflection and solitude, enjoying television and music, and going for walks.