James P. Dolan, Jr., Ph.D.

James P. Dolan, Jr., Ph.D.
Job Title
Associate Director of Clinical Services
Western Michigan University
Professional Interests:
- identity development
- self management
- resilience and positive psychology
- creating infrastructure for the delivery of counseling center services that allows for creative adaptation and change while holding the timeless needs of student development at the center of the work
Approach to Therapy:
I believe that people’s stories are at the heart of my work as a psychologist. I endeavor to help people gain new insight, understanding, and perspective on their experiences and personal narratives, mainly from a combination of mindful-cognitive, interpersonal, and developmental theoretical orientations. I use a combination of insight-oriented talk therapy and psychoeducational activities to help students build skills and understanding to master life’s challenges, explore their identity, discover resources, and support their success as students and individuals.
Approach to Wellness:
Spending time with family and planning and preparing meals to share together. I enjoy movies, TV, video games, and going for walks or sitting quietly while enjoying nature.
Supervisory Style:
I am pretty straight forward in my approach to supervision. We will address the clinical status and needs of your clients, addressing any concerns for risk or challenges in the therapeutic relationship or treatment. I enjoy spending time on case conceptualization using our individual perspectives, experiences and insights on the case to come up with treatment goals and plans. We will spend time exploring the interaction / intersection of the personal and professional as you develop your professional identity, what you are bringing to the work and what the work is brining to you. We will work together on plans to meet any particular goals or objectives you have for supervision.
Campus Liaison Relationships:
- University Health Service (UHS) - Medical Staff
- Ombuds Office
Campus and National Roles:
- Student Behavioral Intervention Team
- Directorate member, Commission for Counseling and Psychological Services, ACPA Student Educators International