Brittney Walsh, Psy.D.

Brittney Walsh, PsyD
Job Title
Staff Psychologist
Illinois School of Professional Psychology
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Professional Interests:
- Identity development
- Anxiety and stress management
- Depression
- Mindfulness
- Relationship with self and others
- Life transition and adjustment
- Mood concerns
- Supervision and training
- Outreach and prevention work with interests in anxiety, stress, time management, and school/work/life balance.
Approach to Therapy:
My approach to therapy is active and collaborative. I work from an integrative model influenced by Cognitive-Behavioral, Acceptance and Commitment, Contemporary Dynamic, and Dialectical Behavioral theories, informed by multicultural frameworks. I believe that a collaborative and client centered therapeutic relationship is necessary to facilitate growth and wellness. I strive to help clients identify specific goals and build skills that support their overall success and promote resilience.
Approach to Wellness:
With concerted effort and time, I have come to understand what “work-life balance” means for me. I continually struggle to maintain that balance due to the demands of work and family, but have learned how to be flexible and ready to adapt the strategies, leisure activities, and overall expectations when it comes to maintaining wellness. I find that exercise, sleep, spending time with family/friends, and self-reflection are the most effective. I also enjoy audio books, podcasts, music, quirky and clever comedy, and any other form of media that allows me to escape the state of sustained awareness, presence, and attentiveness required of the work we do.
Supervisory Style:
I use multicultural and developmental approaches to supervision. I am active and collaborative in practice and that style can be expected throughout supervision. I strive to create an environment that is safe and supportive so that supervisees can freely express themselves, take risks, increase confidence, and accept feedback in a way that promotes personal and professional growth. I prefer structured supervision interactions that aim to enhance one’s existing strengths, acquire new skills, and access opportunities (cases, assignments, trainings, literature, etc.) relevant to performance and professional development goals. I value supervision and enjoy the reciprocity of the relationship as I learn from those I supervise, as well. I am a life-long learner, in all aspects of life, and believe that a growth mindset and ambition to continue developing is necessary in our line of work.