Paige Ziegler, Psy.D.

Job Title
Embedded Psychologist, Ford School of Public Policy
Wright State University
Professional Interests:
- Identity Development
- Relationship with self, others, and community
- Family of origin concerns
- Body image and body liberation
- Life transition and adjustment
- Grief and loss
- Group Therapy
- Clinical use of gratitude practice
- Social Justice, Diversity, and Multicultural issues
- Liberation Psychology
Approach to Therapy:
My approach to therapy is integrative, collaborative, and developmental. I primarily utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Feminist Therapy, and cultural humility. My goal is to create a therapeutic space that fosters an individual’s empowerment to be their authentic self and pursue a life that truly aligns with their values and identities.
Approach to Wellness:
My approach to wellness is one of balance and daily gratitude practice. I value time spent with loved ones over board games or a home-cooked meal and I value the solitude of a good book or a walk in nature. I do my best to respect and appreciate the contrasting experiences of life while employing a healthy dose of humor.
Supervisory Style:
My approach to supervision is developmental and feminist in nature. I strive to foster a deeply supportive space in which a supervisee can both build upon their strengths and effectively navigate areas of continued growth. I use transparency, humility, compassion, and humor to aid supervisees in further developing self-awareness and mastery of their own unique abilities as clinicians.