Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling is appropriate for any group (2 or more) people who wish to receive support navigating relationship issues/concerns. Those who enter relationship counseling do so for a number of personal reasons. A counselor can work with partners to determine what their goals might be for treatment.  Many times partners in a romantic relationship experience times of disconnection. Each transition that relationships encounter is often met with its own set of difficulties. Relationship counseling can help to clarify values/needs, address any concerns important to the relationship including communication, implement skills to improve the health of the relationship, and aid partners experiencing difficult transitions. Partners can work with the counselor to determine what their specific needs might be.

As long as one partner is a currently enrolled UM student (undergrad or graduate), you are eligible for CAPS relationship counseling.

Conflict cycles/negative patterns of communication, sex/intimacy needs/concerns, financial concerns and making difficult decisions, transitions and changes in career status (e.g.,entering the job market, graduation, moving, long distance), parenting concerns, balancing graduate school and family.

Since every situation is different we do not have a set number of times a couple can be seen by one of our therapists. However, CAPS treatment philosophy is based on a brief treatment model.

The counseling starts by setting goals for treatment. The counselor will support students in communicating needs and finding ways to express themselves.

CAPS has several staff who are trained and specialize in relationship counseling. CAPS staff are psychologist and social workers. For more about our staff, please visit our “Meet The Staff” page.

Relationship counseling is not for everyone. Your partner(s) can attend individual counseling at CAPS (if they are a student, or in the community if a non-student). All partners need to be present to conduct a relationship counseling session.

There are several good counselors in the community. CAPS staff are able to refer you to a community provider in an Initial Consultation or First Counseling Appointment. We encourage you to check out our Community Provider Database and search “Couples” in the Speciality filter.