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Women are not the only individuals who struggle with body image. Struggling with body image is a human experience that many men go through. Just like all individuals, men are constantly surrounded by images of athletes, celebrities, and media that define what the “perfect” male body is. Due to these pressures and images, some men struggle with dieting, overeating, eating disorders, and steroid use.   

These images are not accurate representations of the “ideal man.” It’s important to remember that just as masculinity is not a one size fits all, body type is also not a one size fits all. 

Ways to Help Develop a Healthier Body Image:

  • Develop reasons and motivations to take care of your body that do not have to do with body image, such as working out to have healthy physical health

  • Eat for nutritional value

  • Prioritize sleep

  • Open up about your experiences and issues with body image to trusted individuals

  • Set mini-wellness goals every week 

  • Do not focus on rules around food and weighing yourself

Watch the video to hear a group of men from actors, models, athletes, and CEO’s discuss more about why men struggle with body image too.