Learning Supports

Individual Supervision

Two hours per week of supervision are provided for both fall and winter semesters.

Seminars and Modules

Orientation: Internship begins with an intensive training designed to introduce CAPS, our various service delivery areas and to outline the internship expectations. There is also time to meet the staff and intern peers and for logistics such as setting up computer and email systems and settling into office spaces.

Outreach and Education Seminar: 75 minutes every other week fall term, and every third week in the Winter term.  This seminar examines approaches of outreach and education at the University of Michigan, trends in the national outreach community and overall philosophy of college/university outreach.

Professional Development Meetings: In an effort to develop professionals who have a clear and strong professional identity, the Assistant Director of Community Engagement and Outreach will meet with interns regularly.   In these meetings, interns will have the opportunity to explore concerns related to both their professional and career development.

In addition, interns will meet with the administrative staff in charge of CAPS Outreach periodically to discuss progress, goals and other programmatic issues.