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Student Athletes

In 2015-2016, there were 946 varsity student athletes and close to 3,000 club student athletes enrolled at the University of Michigan. This is a significant population facing unique challenges that other students may not experience. As a student athlete, you are not only expected to perform well academically, but you are subject to high expectations in your sport as well. Balancing these conflicting priorities can result in an increased risk of additional stress.  

Michigan Stadium

Students As Caregivers

Students as Caregivers

Think that keeping your grades up and paying your bills is hard enough? Try doing all that while raising a child or taking care of an ailing family member — or both! There are no easy solutions, but there are resources on campus that can help.  According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR), in 2015 4.8 million students enrolled in postsecondary education programs in the United States are raising a dependent child.

Students With Disabilities


Understanding exactly what a chronic health condition is can be quite difficult. University of Michigan public health students developed their own working definition:

Michigan Men - Men Who Struggle

In this short video, the men of Michigan's Greek Life community share their experiences about struggling with things in their lives and how they tried to solve these problems.

“Be true to my emotions, express those emotions, and that way I can deal with the problem.”


“Its not enough to go through it just by yourself, you need help at times.  No one has to go through life alone.”