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First Generation

Who are First-Generation (first-gen) Students?  First-gen students are typically defined as the first person in a family to attend a college or 4-year university (in the United States).  First-gen students are diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, age, and socioeconomic status.  In 2016, approximately 13% of students at University of Michigan were classified as first-gen.  Find more information about UM First Generation Students HERE

Graduate Students

Graduate School at University of Michigan can be unique and present many great rewards and challenges. Often, the adjustment is different than a student coming into undergrad.  Many of the graduate programs are rated towards the top in the country and draw some of the best and brightest.  In addition to individual counseling free for all enrolled graduate students, CAPS offers many groups for graduate students.   

Rackham Auditorium

Michigan Men

What is a “Michigan Man?”

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University of Michigan Men's Glee Club