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Stress Management = Time Management

There’s never enough time!  Arrrrrgggggh! Sound familiar?

Class projects, exams, presentations, and social commitments — even the everyday demands of life — can lead to time management overload.  And when our time management skills are pushed to their limits, our stress levels can rise, too.

During crunch times, stress management tools become time management skills.  For example, it’s important to schedule (and take) regular breaks away from your work — even 15 minutes can help!  

Within a 15-minute break, you can:


Did you know?

Every year, the first year class at the University of Michigan is full of students from around the state, country and world who have achieved some of the highest grades, standardized test scores, and awards available.

Without a doubt, U-M campuses are full of bright students, academic pressures, and high expectations for success. However, contrary to popular belief, perfection is not required to succeed.