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Help Yourself, Help a Friend - Advising Relationship

Friend or foe?  If only the advisor/advisee relationship was that simple!

The relationship, like any other important relationship in your life, is nuanced and evolving.  With a little extra time, energy, and committment; however, this relationship can be beneficial to you and your advisor.

Graduate students shared their success strategies: 

Establish Expectations:

Imposter Syndrome

You can help yourself and/or help a friend through this- 

Ideas for getting beyond the Imposter Syndrome*

Manage Stress

Stress is the body’s natural response to every day life events. Physical, mental, and emotional reactions happen when we face stressors, like deadlines, relationships, illness, etc.  

Stress can motivate us to meet deadlines, or help us tackle difficult situations.  It can also make us feel overwhelmed, stuck, or depressed when the stressors outnumber our resources.