U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

Understanding Stigma

What is Stigma?

Stigma is the use of negative labels to identify a person living with mental illness. Stigma is a barrier and discourages individuals and their families from receiving the help they need due to the fear of being discriminated against.

An estimated 50 million Americans experience a mental disorder in any given year and only one-fourth of them actually receive mental health and other services. Stigma is a large part of why these people do not seek the help they need.

Being A Mental Health Ally

What you think, what you believe about others and yourself, how you relate to those important to you, and how you manage distressing life situations all can impact the quality of your life.

Coping With Loss Of A Friend

Many survivors struggle to understand the reasons for the suicide, asking themselves over and over again: "Why?" Many replay their loved ones' last days, searching for clues, particularly if they didn't see any signs that suicide was imminent. This is one student's story about coming to terms with the loss of their friend.

Note: These are actors portraying real student stories.

Alcohol & Other Drugs

How to Help Yourself

  • Get educated
  • Know your facts
  • Take advantage of non drinking activities and events
  • Choose to stay in control
  • Address possible underlying problems (such as a variety of anxiety concerns, depression, self esteem issues, trauma, family and relationship concerns)

In the meantime BE SURE TO: