U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

Be where you are.  This simple truth can be a starting place for many during this global pandemic.  Observe, acknowledge, and be present with your emotions. You don't have to ignore or avoid the unpleasant, the disruption, the uncertainty.  You don't have to be where someone else is or where they tell you to be. There is great empowerment in simply naming your feeling and having it be yours. Whether you are scared, hopeful, unsure, sad, angry, surprised, confused, thankful....all are acceptable.  Dr. Todd Sevig, CAPS Director, gave this perspective as he was interviewed for the Mlive in the Ann Arbor news:

We have, ironically, a wonderful opportunity to capitalize on the ‘other side of the coin’ in this global pandemic — to augment how we are connected to each other, how we rely on each other, how important self-care and self-compassion is to our mental health; how altruism helps others and helps ourselves; and how we need to help each other and ourselves in order to have a mentally healthy community. - UM CAPS Director Todd Sevig. Find the full article HERE.

We will continue to do our best and be our best in sharing information like what you see below, but one of the truths we are reminded of more and more is that we are all connected.  We have been for a long time but may have lost some recognition along the way. In many ways, this is bringing us back to that reality.