U-M Counseling and Psychological Services


CAPS has several videos about services and mental health.  Check out the youtube page HERE.

Here is a list of videos that may help:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

"Progressive Muscle Relaxation" is a wonderful tool for learning how to relax and manage stress without ever leaving your dorm room or apartment!

This video will guide you through a number of exercises that take you through tensing and releasing a number of muscle groups in your body, which by the end will leave your body feeling deeply rested and your mind feeling calm and refreshed.

Read by: Christina Downey, Ph.D. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation Video

Here is a guided muscle relaxation video that you can listen to to relieve those tight muscles and reduce your stress that you are been building for days and  in just 24 minutes. 

Stop for a moment, close your eyes, and breathe

Yoga Video on North Campus

This is a nice, relaxing yoga sequence designed for any level of yoga experience. It will help you calm the nervous system as well as to release stress and tension.  Give it a try.

a young woman in a yoga pose