U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

Stop Student Suicide

  • What if……. the number of deaths by suicide was zero each year?
  • How can we address and accomplish a culture of caring for students in any level of psychological distress?
  • How can we promote and give tools to enact 2 central themes of “hope” and “resiliency”?

These questions have driven CAPS to do something more around suicide prevention for our campus.  

Do something: Stop Student Suicide: we can all change the story

Stop Student Suicide

This semester, we have continued our do something:  Stop Student Suicide work. To mark Suicide Prevention Month, Messages of Hope were displayed prominently outside of the Michigan Union in September.  Thousands of students, faculty, staff, visitors to campus, and community members were able to read and take Messages with them, spreading these hopeful words throughout our campus community. 

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Messages of Hope Unveiling

Thursday night, March 28, 2013 was a remarkable night as CAPS introduced a year long Messages of Hope project designed to try to "stop suicide and change the story"!  The outer wall of the CAPS office now holds hundreds of wooden tiles with these messages of hope created by students, staff and faculty from all over our campus.