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CAPS Facebook Page

Say hello to the CAPS Facebook page, dedicated to providing information to improve the overall emotional health and wellness of University of Michigan’s students and campus community. Our Facebook page allows students to engage resources outside of the formal counseling setting. With over 95% of college students using Facebook, CAPS felt it was important to embrace this new form of outreach to connect with students through a medium that appeals most to them.

CAPS Facebook page

Workshop Request

At your request, members of our staff will facilitate a workshop or table, or information event for your University of Michigan student group.

Common workshop topics include:

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Wolverine Support Network

The Wolverine Support Network (WSN) is a student-led peer support program developed by Central Student Government leaders in collaboration with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).  WSN is designed to empower students to create a safe community in support of mental well-being and identity development.  The peer-facilitated groups meet weekly and provide a place to discuss day-to-day stressors, build trust, and connect with students from all across campus.  The Wolverine Support Network has over 40 WSN Leaders who co-facilitate the groups in teams of 2 or more, and there are groups scheduled almost every evening of the week, in multiple locations around campus. 


Student talking at Wolverine Support event