U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

The University of Michigan is 100% committed to student mental health.  See the many mental health resources below that are available to you! Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counseling and Psychological Services is committed to providing multicultural and multidisciplinary expert therapeutic support. Clinical services include brief personal therapy for individuals, couples and groups and crisis intervention.

Phone: (734) 764-8312


  • Fall/Winter:  Mon-Thurs 8am-7pm, Fri 8am-5pm  
  • Sp/Sum: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Well-Being For UM Students

It was developed as a collaborative effort by the Student Life Health and Wellness Collective Impact Team, and it’s maintained by Wolverine Wellness at University Health Service.  Students can reach the site through a prominent Well-being logo on the bottom of the Canvas main menu. Well-being is the journey we take, one step and one choice at a time, to care for ourselves. It’s how we appraise and feel about our lives, including success in school and all other aspects. It’s personal, family and friends, community, and beyond.

Campus Mind Works

The Campus Mind Works website was created to support University of Michigan students who have been diagnosed with an ongoing mental health disorder, to help manage their illness and get the most out of their college experience.

Campus Mind Works, geared to those students already diagnosed with an ongoing mental health disorder, can find the following information-

  • Information about mental health disorders, treatments, medications, insurance, and academic procedures
  • An extensive, easy-to-search mental health resource database with U-M and community support services
  • Useful tools and strategies to help you stay healthy while facing the unique challenges of college life.

Mental Health Work Group (MHWG)

The MHWG develops deeper and comprehensive collaborations to support college student mental health and to support furthering the recommendations in a way that takes into account both unit strengths and strengths that supersede each unit - in short, to enhance the overall system of mental health care by following the adage of "the whole is greater than the sum of our parts".

University Health Service (UHS)

University Health Service offers comprehensive outpatient medical services, conveniently located on central campus. The University Health Service is committed to promoting and protecting the health of students and other members of the University community so that they may achieve their educational goals.

Department of Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry is part of the University of Michigan Health System and provides patients with state-of-the-art treatment and care of psychiatric disorders, much of it based on the innovative research done by our faculty.

Depression Center

The University of Michigan Depression Center is the first ever multi-disciplinary center dedicated to research, education, and treatment of depressive and bipolar illnesses.

Psychological Clinic

The Psychological Clinic offers help for community members in the Ann Arbor area, including students, staff and faculty from the University of Michigan.

University Center for the Child & Family (UCCF)

The University Center for the Child & Family offers a comprehensive range of mental health services for children and families in the community.

University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services (UMATS)

University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services (UMATS) offers assessment, diagnosis and treatment personalized to your life. Our services are rooted in the professional and recovering communities, supported by research, and delivered with compassion, hope, and respect for diversity. We are committed to achieving positive outcomes.

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