U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

On February 7th, 2018, CAPS displayed a strong presence on North Campus while hosting Play Day, our largest winter outreach event. This interactive event utilized a 90’s to early 2000’s theme in promoting psychological wellness by providing a space for students to reconnect with play. Various community partnerships including student organizations (the Cubing Club and CAPS In Action), the Video Game Archive Library, the College of Engineering, the Ann Arbor Public Library, and let’s not forget about Holly the therapy dog were specifically resourceful in implementing a successful Play Day. Through these partnerships, students were able to reap the psychological benefits that succeed from play by building resilience at each fall of a giant jenga, connecting with peers through uno cards and giant connect fours, de-stressing with Nintendo 64 video games and gameboys, practicing positive coping and creativity with scratch art and play doh, and feeling energized through hula hoops and skip-its.

After analyzing brief surveys administered during Play Day, the results are in!

  • Over 850 slices of pizza were administered (thanks to the school of engineering for supplying).

  • 100% of students that completed the survey reported being satisfied with Play Day.

  • 100% of students that completed the survey reported to benefit from Play Day.

    • 75% of students that completed the survey reported feeling happy as one of the benefits resulting from Play Day.

Thank you to CAPS staff and community partners for your contributions in creating a successful Play Day!