U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

Man looking in mirror

"Movember" is an international effort (Find more information HERE) focused on Men's Health.

CAPS would like to encourage you to spend November as a month dedicated to men’s mental health.  

In the last 6 years, CAPS has seen a 30% increase of men coming in for services. This is phenomenal!  While more men are reaching out, we know that there is still work to be done.  There are men on our campus who struggle in silence.  Men who are our friends, roommates, classmates, or teammates.  Who, for a variety of reasons, choose to buy into the narrative that they must "go it alone." or "tough it out".  The weight these men carry impact their relationships, academic work, and future.  At the same time, we know our campus is invested in being a community where no man has to "go it alone" and where we all have a role to play in being a "caring community" and where "friends help friends".  

The time is now to create more change -- change the story -- change the narrative -- let's re-write this narrative together---the narrative for men to "talk it out" instead of "tough it out".  We all have part of the story here -- staff, students, faculty -- all races, ages, genders, countries of origin, sexual orientations, and.....well, literally all of us.

Check out more info re Men and Mental Health HERE.

Please join together with us as we collectively make an impact with action, with knowledge, with voice, and with support.  Let's all change the story.