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The Mental Health Workgroup website provides more information for staff and faculty and is one result of the Student Mental Health Work Group's (MHWG) ongoing effort to provide support and direction to work being done on campus to support student mental health in a variety of ways and through the dedicated efforts of many units on campus.

In 2001, Vice President for Student Affairs, E. Royster Harper, charged a new group to develop and maintain an overall view of the mental health system for UM Ann Arbor students - the Mental Health Work Group (MHWG).  Since the academic year 2008-09, the MHWG has embarked on a new course to develop deeper and comprehensive collaborations to support college student mental health and to support furthering the recommendations in a way that takes into account both unit strengths and strengths that supersede each unit - in short, to enhance the overall system of mental health care by following the adage of "the whole is greater than the sum of our parts".