U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

Dear UM Student:

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) acknowledges how painful the multiple acts of hate and racism over the past few weeks have been for our UM community. Each one of you belongs at the University of Michigan. You are essential, vital to this community, and you matter.  In light of these events, we have expanded our CAPS services in response to your emotional needs.

We know that these events have affected many of you, be it as a direct target or as someone who cares about how this is negatively affecting your friends and classmates.  While we help with issues of anxiety, depression, relationships, eating/body image issues, substance use, and a whole host of other mental health issues, we also support students who are navigating tough issues such as:  being a member of an underrepresented group on campus; being the target of micro- and macro-aggressions (e.g., racism, homophobia, transphobia, gender bias); how to help a friend who is being targeted; and having difficult in-group and across-group discussions.

We are here to help you.  We are a diverse staff -- for example, 17 out of 36 professional staff identify as people of color (and this is just one area of our diversity).  In addition to our standard services, we are currently adding:

  • We are developing new content on our website focused on being an ally and how this contributes to emotional health
  • Tailored community engagement and outreach services, including outreach directly connected to the hate and bias incidents that have happened on our campus

If you are interested in clinical services and feel more comfortable talking with a counselor who is a member of your own identity group, let us know.  If you are already seeing a counselor, bring it up.  

As a reminder, here are our standard services:

  • Scheduled initial consultation appointments – currently a 3-5 day wait depending on your schedule
  • Walk in appointments for urgent issues – same day
  • Group support
  • Community engagement/outreach services (e.g., coming and talking with your group)
  • Wellness Zone (including 3 new replacement massage chairs)

Take care – of yourself and of each other,

The CAPS Staff