U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

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My granddaughter is a first-year student and is coming to U-M already diagnosed with a depression and needs medication monitoring only. Where does she go?

Your granddaughter can make an appointment with a CAPS counselor, or call 764.8312 and ask to speak to the Counselor on Duty, to discuss referral sources for ongoing psychiatric support and medication monitoring. Appropriate referrals will be suggested given a variety of factors, i.e. insurance plans, financial needs, distance from campus etc. It is important that your student doesn't run out of medication prior to being evaluated by a psychiatrist.

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What can I do if I suspect that my daughter or son could benefit from professional help and support?

It is recommended that you express your reasons for concern in a straightforward, yet loving, and supportive way. It might be helpful to say something like “I am worried about you. You just don't seem to be yourself lately. Have you thought about going to talk to someone about your concerns? I think it would be really good for you to talk with an objective person who can help you sort out what ever is bothering you. Will you go over to CAPS and make an appointment?”

Does CAPS provide walk-in crisis services?

Yes. Emergency consultation and crisis counseling is available to students in person or by telephone. If a student is dealing with an urgent situation or crisis during regular business hours, they can come into the office and request to be seen by a counselor as soon as possible.

If they are not able to come to CAPS they can call 734. 764.8312 and ask to speak to the Counselor on Duty.

For emergency help during evening or weekend hours, students need to contact Psychiatric Emergency Services at the U of M Medical Center, 734.996.4747.

Can I talk to a counselor at CAPS?

Yes. Our Counselor on Duty is available to talk to you about concerns regarding your family member and/or how you might help them. However, remember that counselors can only talk with you in general terms without the written consent of your student.

How much does counseling cost?

There is no fee for CAPS services for enrolled students.

How does a student make an appointment?

Please refer to Appointments