U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS Spring/Summer groups are open to students who are enrolled for the spring/summer semester and for graduate students with continuous enrollment. Groups require a pre-group meeting with the group facilitator(s). To schedule, email the group facilitator. Group meeting times are to be determined by member availability, unless otherwise noted. 

  • PROGRESS (NOT PURFEKTION) In this 8-session group, members will explore the nature of perfectionism, common perfectionist thoughts/behaviors, build skills to begin changing thoughts/behaviors, and set a plan of action that may promote effective ways of leading a fuller life.
  • GRADUATE STUDENT SUPPORT GROUP This groups provides a supportive space to share experiences of navigating graduate school Themes often include, but are not limited to-navigating academic & advisor demands, interpersonal relationships, wearing multiple hats and intersecting identities.
  • LEARNING FROM LEMONADE: BLACK GRADUATE WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT CIRCLE This group utilizes Black media and art that interests group members as a catalyst for self-reflection and discussion. We will process our experiences of pain, joy, and resilience. We will share our collective wisdom to help each other cope, heal, grow, and thrive.
  • CONQUERING SOCIAL ANXIETY Members will learn what social anxiety is, why they experience social anxiety, discuss their social anxiety experiences, learn social anxiety reduction tools and obtain skills to enable them to have a fuller campus and general life.
  • UNDERSTANDING SELF & OTHERS This group provides a confidential and supportive atmosphere to freely discuss concerns or challenges students may be having. These concerns may be related to, but not limited to relationships, anxiety, adjustment, and academic concerns.
  • GRADUATE COUPLES WORKSHOP In this 4-session series, couples will learn what makes a healthy relationship in Graduate School and provide partners with insights and tools to communicate and resolve conflict effectively, foster deeper friendship, closeness, fun and trust. Both partners are required to attend.