U-M Counseling and Psychological Services

  1. Discouragement of outside friendships with group members

    This often is one of the hardest expectations to adhere to because of the connections that are often made in group. However, in order to keep the group a safe and productive environment in which to work, we strongly discourage the development of close friendships or romantic relationships with other group members. We also ask group members to refrain from sharing emails or connecting on social networking sites while group is in progress.

  2. Respect

    In order for group to be a safe place to explore our selves and our relationships with others it is important to have an environment of mutual respect.

    Respect refers to the way in which we talk to one another and how we navigate the way our values and biases impact our ability to be supportive of one another.

    While learning how to respectfully disagree with one another is highly valued, it is expected that any disagreements will be handled in a respectful way.

  3. Say goodbye before ending group

    It often happens that over the semester group members may grow close and begin to care for and about one another. If for some reason a group member decides that they have to stop attending group we ask that they attend one final session to say goodbye to the other group participants.

  4. Group meetings are a weekly commitment

    For a group to work effectively, it is important that you attend all scheduled sessions and be on time.

    If you decide to discontinue group, we ask that you come to one more session to let the group know and say "goodbye."

  5. Confidentiality: What is talked about in group stays in the group

    Therapists keep all information that comes up in group sessions confidential. Group members are mutually responsible for not disclosing any information about group members to anyone outside of the group.

    It is standard procedure for many groups to video record their sessions, which helps the leaders to provide the best treatment they can. These recordings are confidential and are deleted after being viewed.

  6. Arrive ready to work

    Come to each group meeting with a goal that you want to work on. For example, "Today I'm going to work on being more assertive by telling the group what I'm thinking instead of keeping my thoughts to myself."